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What is Health and Life Coaching?

Personal Exploration, Transformation

We all have habits-patterns and behaviors-that either promote or sabotage our health and wellness. Tracy Altman, owner of Mind Your Wellness, is Certified as both a Health and Life Coach and she is here to help you in your wellness journey. Through her variety of individual and group programs and services, she incorporates the right system, the right support and the right accountability, to empower her clients to create new lifestyle habits that transform their health and wellness in ways they never thought were possible. And she does it in a fun and easy way!

Coaching is about meeting clients where they are at and guiding them to the place they want to be. Tracy's coaching philosophy is rooted in the belief that we have all the answers within us. Though sessions customized to meet the unique and individual needs and goals of her clients, she helps them harvest those answers.  

Coaching can occur in-person at Body Kneads Wellness Spa in Phelps, NY or by phone or video conferencing. 

Book a consultation today to develop a powerful vision of what overall wellness looks like for you!

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