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Fruits and Vegetables

Whole Foods Reset

Experience what it feels like to minimize symptoms you might not even be aware of because they are so mild and/or chronic that you believe they are “normal” or just part of aging. 


  • Restore your energy and gain mental clarity

  • Shed toxins (and maybe a few pounds)

  • Learn how food affects your unique body (mood, joint pain/stiffness, digestion and more)

  • Discover how to nourish your body and mind

  • Practice slowing down, to be able to make better choices for long-term results

The Overlook-14 Day Whole Foods Reset

What is included:

  • Whole Foods Reset Booklet with information to guide you through the Reset successfully

  • Seasonal Recipe Booklet to help with ideas of what to eat during the reset

  • One Infrared Sauna session at Body Kneads Wellness Spa in Phelps

  • One Ionic Foot Bath Detox session at Body Kneads Wellness Spa in Phelps

  • ME! (my support, accountability, etc.) email, call, text with any questions throughout the reset 

  • A Private Facebook Group to share intentions, ideas, thoughts, mindset and build your community of support.

"I am grateful for Tracy's Reset as I have gained confidence that I can do this. I have lost 8 pounds so far and I'm still losing. I don't feel so sluggish, I'm up and moving around more, I'm more conscious of the food I'm eating. Being able to eat healthy is easier than I thought-and things taste better! My results keep me motivated to keep eating foods that are nourishing and to stay away from processed foods."


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