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Me and My Coaching

My Mission

To empower wellness-seekers to create habit change that leads to long-term, overall wellness.


My Vision

Our society can attain Wellness (in Health and in Life) through personal reflection, personal awareness, mindfulness and habit change. I envision a community where fewer people are suffering from obesity and chronic disease and there is less reliance on medications. I believe that overall Wellness is achieved through a  healthy mind, healthy body, and healthy soul.


Empowering Habit Change

Taking the first step towards change is often the hardest thing to do. After more than 15 years as a School Counselor, Tracy leaned into her life's passion and purpose and ventured into Coaching; a comprehensive way of helping others grow and become the best version of themselves


Incorporating mind, body and soul is key to achieving overall wellness. As an experienced transformational coaching professional and habit change specialist, Tracy provides an open and safe space for her clients to talk through thoughts,  feelings and beliefs to get to the underlying reasons keeping them stuck. Only after this self awareness and understanding is achieved, can transformation happen.


Her Master's Degree in Counseling combined with her dual Certification in Health and Life Coaching enables the integration of health and life topics for increased effectiveness and maximum results for her clients. Rather than telling people what to do, she uses her extensive education and experience to empower her clients to uncover the answers that are already within them. As adults, most of us know what we could be doing differently to improve how we feel, we just need to remove the obstacles that are keeping us stuck. Tracy uses her knowledge, skills and the tools she has added to her backpack along her own journey to help others get unstuck and create lasting habit change so they can enjoy life more.

Compassion for yourself. 


By providing clients with the right system, the right support, and the right accountability, Tracy has helped clients unleash their potential, paving the way towards both personal and professional growth and success. Through her 90-day program, her clients have benefitted from self-growth and transformation that was easy and fun, achieving results they never thought were possible; and most importantly, results that last. Discover how she can empower you today.

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