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Tracy with client

Empowering YOU To Become the
Best Version of Yourself

You don't need to navigate this journey alone – now is your time to get started on the path to wellness.

Hi, I'm Tracy!

I am the founder of Mind Your Wellness, my private Health and Life Coaching practice. I believe that optimal health and wellness is achievable for everyone and I am dedicated to helping improve the health and wellness of our community and our society, one person at a time. My coaching programs are personalized to meet your unique needs and lifestyle, providing you with the tools and support you need to achieve your goals. 

Embark on a transformative journey with me as your guide. I am here to empower you, through fun and easy habit change, to rise above the overwhelm that often comes with creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Together, we will align your mind, body, and soul so you can ENJOY LIFE, not just survive it.

Peeking out the Train Window

Elevate Your Health and Wellness Today

Mind Your Wellness offers individualized services to help you achieve optimal health and wellness in all aspects of your life.

My approach is rooted in habit change and the 4 pillars of health:

  • Sleep

  • Food/Nutrition

  • Movement 

  • Relaxation

My Coaching programs are intentionally designed to meet you where you are and to progressively guide you through all three levels of change for the ultimate, lasting, transformational experience. Discover how I can help you improve your overall wellness today!

“Tracy's program is different-it really works! Before this experience, never once have I been through a program where I haven't thought, I can't do this-until now! Just over half-way through the program, healthier food choices are becoming more habitual, my clothes are getting loose, my stomach is not the first thing I see when I look in the mirror, I have gained an awareness of the cues my body gives me, and I have a sense of achievement that I haven't experienced before with my health."


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